“I take great pride in all that I do. First Florida Construction is my passion and I have dedicated my life to creating spaces that our clients call home. I am grateful for the opportunity to build homes and relationships as this has been the foundation of our success."


Paul L. Kleinfeld

PAUL L. KLEINFELD, Owner and President

With an impressive 40 years of service to the industry shaping his experience in luxury residential projects, Paul Kleinfeld is known for his exceptional standards of quality, teamwork and client care.  Collaborating with top architects, designers and homeowners on major projects, his craftsmanship, integrity and project management expertise are fundamental to First Florida Construction’s success.

As a graduate of the University of South Florida, Paul launched his career in the 1970’s, eventually founding First Florida Construction. Under Paul’s guidance, First Florida operates with the understanding that expertise and ingenuity are only possible when they grow from a solid foundation. 


  • Paul Koenig, Senior Vice President  As Senior Vice President of First Florida Construction, Paul holds close to 35 years of luxury residential and commercial building experience in the premier coastal communities of Palm Beach and Martin Counties. A graduate of the University of Florida with a degree in Construction Management, he presents a great deal of local knowledge and perspective regarding style and taste, while offering a high level of foresight and quality control to First Florida’s clientele. Paul is directly involved in every project from pre-construction analysis through completion leading our fully aligned, collaborative team of experts who share a passion for building exceptional homes.

  • Brent Stoltenberg, Vice President of Operations Brent has been a valued member of First Florida since 2014. He brings with him 30 years of experience from both the luxury residential and commercial fields. Brent holds a B.S. degree in Architectural Design and Building Construction and brings a diverse mix of experience, innovation and in-depth understanding of development to deliver on complex projects — on time and on budget — that exceed our clients’ expectations.Brent’s keen sense of knowing what’s realistic, what people want and what will help them thrive from every decision required to build their future home.
  • Chris Maertens, Compliance Manager
  • Matt Heinrichs, Project Manager
  • Chad Stoltenberg, Project Manager
  • Chelsea Alexis, Project Manager
  • Donna Bethune, Controller
  • Kim Benagh, Construction Administrator
  • Diane Benedict, Executive Assistant
  • Miguel Oliver, Estimator
  • Scott Ecker, Estimator
  • Mitch Barbieri, Superintendent
  • Mike Nichols, Superintendent
  • Chase Fleming, Superintendent
  • Sean McNamara, Superintendent
  • Joe Todd, Superintendent
  • Bob Consigli, Superintendent
  • Tom Dreier, Superintendent


Senior Vice President

Brent Stoltenberg

VP of Operations

Chris Maertens

Compliance Manager

Kim Benagh

Construction Administrator

Donna Bethune



Executive Assistant

Scott Ecker


Mitch Barbieri


Miguel Oliver


Chad Stoltenberg

Project Manager – Renovation Division

Matthew Heinrichs

Project Manager

Mike Nichols


Chase Fleming


Don Whisman


Chris Monroe


Sean McNamara


Joe Todd


Bob Consigli


"Their level of sophistication and experience gave me the confidence and peace of mind that I was choosing wisely when I selected First Florida to build the home I plan to live in for the rest of my life. "

Richard M. Rendina

"Throughout the entire process, First Florida Development and Construction went above and beyond with their workmanship, supervision, and attention to detail. Their follow-up and follow through was second to none. "

The Hoffman Family